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This was such a helpful experience. I feel more stable with my feelings and less like they are controlling me. I have also had less stress when I schedule carefully and ahead of time.

I would definitely recommend this program to other college students, especially those just starting college — to help with the new workload and hectic schedule.”

“It is not too big of a time commitment and the strategies are implementable and realistic for college kids that are often claiming we are too busy to do anything”

“I found Laura’s life coaching to be extremely useful and impactful. She frames and finds solutions to any problem you have, in ways that you never would have thought of on your own.

Before receiving her coaching, my time management and organization skills were all over the place. After just a couple calls, the changes in my time management were noticeable and results were already becoming apparent. My productivity skyrocketed and I finally felt confident and comfortable with managing a busy schedule.

After a couple months of calls, the results were transformative and life-changing. For the first time in my life, I was able to establish a disciplined routine for managing school work, exercise, and friends that I was happy with and felt I had control over.

Thanks to Laura, I achieved the highest grades of my college career. I cannot recommend her life-coaching sessions enough. Any college student seeking help from any range of issues would benefit greatly from her help.”


“My main takeaway is primarily the awareness I have about procrastination and embracing the ways I prioritize my time in ways that work for me rather than in ways I feel like should work for me. I would absolutely recommend it to others.”


“When scheduling out tasks and homework, I found I was more able to work in “fun” time in my daily life, even during finals which was awesome. I have done WWTF a ton…WWTF: the best thing ever! Another finals essential for me”


“I loved your program and it truly helped me get to the root of why I procrastinate! You were very patient with me to understand those routes and how we can move forward so I can be successful. With your help I got my highest GPA out of all my 4 years in college. I am putting my workout planner to good use and I am feeling so much better about myself. The tools that you gave me, I can use now for the rest of my life academically, personally, and professionally.”


“ I could not be more appreciative of how this program has completely transformed the way I think about time and completing daily tasks, as well as reaching for my overarching future goals.

Before this program, I felt stuck going through the motions of college life without any real confidence in my actions or vision for my future. Now, I am able to see every day and every task (even the tedious ones) as an opportunity for me to grow, learn and even surprise myself. I would absolutely recommend this program to other college students