How to Do Better in College

There are 2 reasons why college students get stuck in just “getting by mode”, just doing ok academically, social life but not really happy, and unsure of their future.  They FOLD, and can’t BEND.

FOLD – Fear of Looking Dumb – It’s real.

FOLD when they don’t participate in class.

FOLD when they don’t go talk to professors.

FOLD when they apply for opportunities.

FOLD when they don’t ask for help.

Where do you FOLD?

BEND – Big Effort, No Deadline

Time is so valuable, especially time to relax, socialize, be spontaneous all while classwork, studying, working, and researching.

Big effort to do something, and no deadline? No thanks.

Easier to wait until it has to get done. Until the deadline forces the big effort.

Procrastinate instead of starting early. Do ok, but only with pressure.

It’s hard to BEND.  It’s hard to give effort when there’s no satisfaction immediately afterwards.

When you learn how to risk looking dumb, and be ok with putting in effort without pressure, you stop FOLDing and you learn to BEND.

Everything will change.

I can teach you how to stop FOLDing, and how to BEND. Schedule a free 20 min call to get started.