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Are you making the most of your college experience?

How to do better in college andunlock your full potential

Laura Amigone
College Success Coach

I help college students:

What my students are saying...

“I think the concepts are all very easy to understand and see in our own lives once we have a label on them – but before that it was hard to recognize. Sort of like putting on glasses for the first time…”
“My main takeaway is primarily the awareness I have about procrastination and embracing the ways I prioritize my time in ways that work for me rather than in ways I feel like should work for me. I would absolutely recommend it to others.”

“I loved your program and it truly helped me get to the root of why I procrastinate! With your help I got my highest GPA out of all my 4 years in college. I am putting my planner to good use and I am feeling so much better about myself. The tools that you gave me, I can use now for the rest of my life academically, personally, and professionally.”